Our Products

We manufacture ghee, butter, milk cova and panner. Ghee is manufactured on a daily basis, while milk cova, paneer and butter.read more...

Welcome to ArrismaA Dairy!

Arrismaa Dairy manufactures ultra pure ghee based on grandma’s age-old traditional secret recipes. This ensures purity and flavour at its best. The sweet aroma of our ghee says it all.

We follow strict hygienic protocols in the production process ensuring quality. We manufacture end to end milk products that are absolutely pure, hygienic and tasty. Other than high quality ghee, we produce top-grade butter, milk cova, paneer, and milk products based on market demands.

Our professionally driven plant has the capacity to handle 15 Tons per day and so bulk orders are executed with absolute ease. Presently we manufacture 100ml, 200 ml, 1/2 Litre, 1 Litre, 5 Litre Tin, and 15 Litre Tin packs of pure ghee on a daily basis. Butter, panner and milk cova could be supplied on request.

Ayurveda calls ghee as the ‘single most ojas producing food on earth’. When cow’s milk is the essence of nutrition from plants, ghee is the essence of milk. In the human body ingestion of ghee kindles the digestive fire, on which depends the supply of nutrition. Desi ghee produced by ArrismaaDairy gives longevity as it has the entire essential, yet opposite qualities like slow, heavy, oily, liquid, dense and soft textures. These factors hinder aging process and allow a person to lead a healthy and youthful life.

Right from the start we have seen phenomenal growth in terms of customer base and business. For us quality is the key. High demand for our ghee has gained us great name and fame in the dairy industry. In the long run this helps in achieving extraordinary success when trading and distributing dairy products.

So, consume Arrismaa ghee, utilize for food and sweet preparation, or give it as an offering to temples to light the diyas surrounding the sanctum sanctorum, with quality set at high standards you are sure to relish a first rate product!